Our Mission

East River C.R.E.W. seeks to impart a love for, and an understanding of, the waters of the East River community of New York City. Through educational and recreational activities, we will promote the stewardship of our waters.

The community will be able to interact with one of its greatest resources through access on to the water.

A boathouse / learning center will facilitate access on to the water. It will be a site for community members to learn technology by building and repairing wooden boats, and provide a setting for the study of river ecology and harbor history. Recreational activities at each site will include rowing and sailing of community-owned boats.

Boathouses can become year round sites for learning and development. Several sites are under consideration for the location of boathouses in the area of the Upper East River.

Every community is encouraged to participate in boathouse activity. C.R.E.W. will involve youth, adults and seniors in on-going waterfront activities throughout the year. Multicultural groups will be sought out through community based outreach with materials in the target language of each neighborhood, so that all may benefit from this resource.

The goal is to restore to all who live in and visit the East River community ready and safe access onto the city’s largest open space and wildlife preserve, its rivers. Such access should be available from all waterfront neighborhoods and accomplished by means that are in keeping with the quality inherent to our natural resources. Learning about and using the river will promote future generations’ protection of it. Our waters should serve for everyone’s learning and enjoyment.