boat building

Our two 25-foot handmade Whitehall gigs were crafted by two local schools (K-8th grade boys from Saint David’s School and an eighth grade class at IS 89 in Tribeca), under the guidance of Floating the Apple . It was one of those rare experiences of artisans and novices working alongside each other to create boats using craftsmanship and skills from a bygone era, yet still in use.

While part of East River C.R.E.W.’s original intent was to offer a learning center where community members could build and repair wooden boats, as well as study river ecology and harbor history, our dream has yet to come to fruition.

Our present shipping container/boathouse is loved and appreciated. Yet, we look forward to a day when we can create a deeper connection between people and boats, science and art, through the hands-on experience of crafting a rowing boat and seeing it transform from a keel and pieces of wood to an actual boat that’s used on the water.