go-fish catch & release festivals (open to ages 5 to 10 years)
Anyone who can pull on a string can trap some of the organisms we will study and then return to the water at the end of our Go-Fish festivals. Over the years we have found eels, flounder, striped bass, tautog, minnows, shrimp, crabs and so much more. We are still in search of landing a seahorse that we know inhabits our waters—perhaps it will be you who will be the one to discover a seahorse this summer!

We also provide geography and ecology activities as well as arts & crafts such as Gyotaku to round out the experience on the waterfront. We can provide this workshop for up to 10 children or work in partnership with your organization to train other volunteers so more children can participate. This is also a great way for older teens to accumulate community service credit.