coxswain training

coxswain training (open to ages 18 and up)

We train interested people on how to become coxswains (pronounced “cok-sens”) who act as boat leaders and plan and execute rows for the general public.

Sign up for our free coxswain training program and learn the basics of what it takes to plan a row, use a marine radio, maintain a safe environment and bring a rowboat out onto the water and back over and into our storage container.

Once you have attended a workshop, you can begin the apprenticeship route to becoming a senior coxswain where you will take responsibility for planning an event on your own.

The length of time as an apprentice varies greatly according to your previous nautical experience. It is also dependent upon your general aptitude for developing leadership skills in and out of the boats as well as your ability to interface with the general public who may stop by along the esplanade and ask questions.